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Gabrielle is such a wonderful Suzuki teacher, always passionate, always caring. Our daughter Hannah started learning the Twinkles with Gabrielle almost five years ago and is now graduating book five. The journey together has been mind-blowing, from performances in the Sydney Opera House, to studio concerts, workshops, multi piano events, fun duets and more. The weekly private lessons are outstanding, including theory, note reading and scales. Gabrielle is focused on the details whilst teaching in a relaxed environment. She is always encouraging and challenges Hannah to play piano to the best of her ability. We are very grateful to have Gabrielle as Hannah’s Suzuki piano teacher. Vicky & Ben, Berowra

Gabrielle has helped bring music alive for our family. She has so much passion and enthusiasm for piano, all classical music and the Suzuki method and she brings this into her teaching. We are also so grateful for her depth of knowledge and experience. A wonderful teacher! Tom and Katie, Pennant Hills

Gila started her piano lessons with Mrs. Gabrielle around a year ago when she was 3 years and 10 months. She has been able to stay motivated and keep up with her lessons and the Suzuki piano books. We really appreciate Mrs. Gabrielle’s hard work and patience in working with her as we are aware how challenging children at this age can be. We are also very grateful of Mrs. Gabriella for keeping us up to date with the Suzuki events and workshops.

Nahal, Ryde

Gabrielle has been teaching my daughter piano for two terms and it has been a wonderful experience not only for my daughter but also for me. She takes real interest in her students not just developing good technique but also a real love and appreciation for music. For anyone who is interested in learning the piano or the Suzuki method I would strongly recommend getting in touch with Gabrielle.


Anuj, Ermington

Gabrielle taught my daughter the Suzuki method piano for 10 years. At that time, Gabrielle had a studio of around 40 students. Gabrielle not only taught our daughter piano, but also introduced our whole family to the Suzuki method and the support and friendship of her studio families.

Gabrielle is a patient and caring teacher who seeks the best for each of her students according to their abilities. She is organised and committed to bringing out the best in her student’s playing and in themselves. She is a highly qualified and accredited Suzuki teacher and has decades of experience in teaching students of all ages from toddlers up to adults. She is extremely knowledgable about classical music and has a deep enthusiasm for the Suzuki repertoire and she brings a freshness and love to her teaching of each child. She embraces the relationship with the child and their parents which is at the heart of the Suzuki method and supports them all in the delightful journey that is learning Suzuki piano.
For my daughter and our family, her learning piano with Gabrielle was one of the wonderful things of her childhood.
Marjorie, Canberra

One year ago, we enrolled our four-year-old son into Gabrielle’s piano lessons. Now he is up to book three of Suzuki piano. He has made big progress obviously, and we really appreciate Gabrielle’s help.
Gabrielle is very professional and experienced in teaching children. My son was delighted with the piano from his first lesson, and every time he learns a new song, he is eager to show Gabrielle. Her patient and warm way of teaching makes children happy to learn, and we are happy having lessons with her! Rebecca, Hornsby Heights

Gabrielle was the best piano teacher my 3 children ever had. We were with her for over 10 years until she moved to another town.
Gabrielle has a special talent for connecting with students of all ages and showing them how to play the piano.  From teaching them to play from ear and then reading music, learning theory and taking part in performances at the Opera House.  Gabrielle does it all.  We learnt the Suzuki Method but filled this out
with Jazz, Christmas carols and other favourites. She progresses the students according to their ability, keeps the lessons focused while still being fun for the student.  I couldn’t recommend Gabrielle more highly.  She is an amazing teacher.
Judy, Canberra

My four year old son studies piano with Gabrielle and absolutely loves coming to her classes. He looks forward to the lessons and enjoys the different ways she engages him musically. Gabrielle challenges him while maintaining his interest and developing discipline, which are not easy things to do for young children, yet she does so effortlessly.

Best Regards,

Kim, North Ryde

This is the 4th year for my older daughter and the 2nd year for my little daughter learning piano with Gabrielle. She is an awesome teacher with children, who is very patient and caring. We really like the way she teaches, and the lessons are always enjoyable. It’s such a joy witnessing my girls learning the art of music in a truly positive, encouraging and nurturing environment. The girls and I are so grateful to Gabrielle that, with her help, they have developed a passion to learn how to play the piano and especially a lifelong appreciation of music. I certainly recommend Gabrielle to anyone who want to learn piano.

Kind regards,

Clare, West Ryde

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My 6-year-old son Michael takes private lessons with Mrs Gabrielle Donovan. She is experienced in teaching young kids. Michael progresses steadily and gains confidence from the encouragement Mrs Donovan. Lia, North Parramatta

Gabrielle is an excellent piano teacher. She is patient, professional, respectful of students, and always smiling. My daughter Maggie is very happy having lessons with her, and she has progressed quickly. Maggie is really lucky to have such a good piano enlightenment teacher and let her fall in love with the piano.

Vicky, West Ryde

Being a mum who grew up learning piano in a traditional way, I was very concerned about finding the right teacher for my young girl as I did not want her to have the same painful experience I had.

When we were introduced to Gabrielle at the start of the year, she had shown us how learning the piano can be so much fun and practise can become less of a chore. I can honestly see my young girl has grown in confidence, and she finds her piano practice very rewarding as she learns a new song or improves on her techniques.

Gabrielle teaches in a positive way that the learning becomes self-leading so that it encourages the students to work hard for their own enjoyment. I am very happy to say I as a parent, am learning a lot from Gabrielle’s positive teaching as well, and I’m very excited to see my girl continue to develop her love of piano/music with Gabrielle in the years to come.

Kind regards,

Ping, West Ryde

We are very fortunate to have Ms Gabrielle as piano teacher to our two kids (8 &10 years old). She is amazing with children. She has very effective teaching methods and techniques to develop and inspire their piano journey. We are very pleased with their piano skill development they currently at. She is amazing! Lenny and Silvia

Gabrielle taught piano to our son Harry for many years, from the ages of 4 right through to 15 years.  We cannot speak highly enough of her as a teacher. She has the interpersonal skills and patience to connect wonderfully well with small children, and to bring out the best in them.  She is able to adapt and tailor her approach to suit the particular, age, skill level and temperament of her pupils.  We know that Harry has valued his time with Gabrielle as one of the most rewarding parts of his education. Simon Bryant

As an adult student, switching from traditional piano lessons to the Suzuki method was a major game changer for me. I’ve returned to the piano after a long haitus and my wonderful Suzuki teacher Gabrielle took away all my previous self-doubt and stress that came from traditional lessons and exams.

As a Suzuki teacher, she placed a lot of emphasis on good posture, and as a result, my neck and shoulders no longer ached while playing.

Gabrielle’s lessons were lively and memorable. Her analogies about “catching the note” and “patting the rabbit” helped me understand how to put my fingers in a more natural position, resulting in better tones than I’ve previously played.

Gabrielle also taught me how to truly listen. After just a few lessons I began to be able to listen for the elusive “ringing” tone of the piano. Left-hand melodies finally popped out and sang to me as I realised what to listen for.

Phrasing had always been my weakness, and Gabrielle decrypted the mystery of the phrasing into songs and lyrics that can be easily understood and memorised.

Every lesson with Gabrielle is a pleasure, and the joy is doubled when I returned home and help my children with their Suzuki violin and cello practice using the same musical strategies that Gabrielle showed me.

I can’t help exclaiming “Oh that’s so cool!” every time Gabrielle showed me yet another detail in the music that I’ve missed.

Looking forward to many years of musical pleasures to come.

Cheers, Evelyn, Beecroft

I first met Gabrielle numerous years ago at a friend’s house. Gabrielle said then, ‘I can’t imagine ever stopping teaching the piano because I love it so much.’ Some time later when I decided to resume learning the piano again as an adult, I thought learning with Gabrielle would be a good place to start.

I have not been disappointed. Her enthusiasm, flexibility and clear teaching focus in each lesson means that I look forward to each lesson with joy. The Suzuki method has taught me how to really LISTEN to the music and to the quality of the tone of the notes when I play.

Whenever I feel a little frustrated or despondent about my playing Gabrielle reminds me that the most important thing is to ENJOY playing. I feel encouraged by that. Thank you, Gabrielle. Annette

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