Suzuki Piano Lessons in Meadowbank and Thornleigh, NSW.

Quality Suzuki piano lessons for children and adults, starting from preschool ages. Gabrielle is an established, experienced, and nurturing teacher, providing private piano lessons in Meadowbank and Thornleigh.

Suzuki Piano Lessons For Children

Gabrielle’s one-on-one piano lessons in Meadowbank and Thornleigh focus on building skills just like when a child learns to walk and talk – First through listening and observation, then with loving, expert guidance, they develop skills in playing the piano.

Listening to the Suzuki Piano CD every day is vital for training a good ear for music. When this is combined with developing a relaxed, natural piano technique as the students’ skills increase, this sets a strong foundation for future growth as a pianist.



As a Suzuki piano teacher, Gabrielle works closely with parents in her piano lessons for kids, since the Suzuki triangle of learning includes the parents as the vital home practice partner and home support team for the child. This empowers parents to lovingly guide and help their children between lessons and uses the natural dynamic of the parent / child relationship to nurture the child’s growing musical abilities.

If you are looking for quality one-on-one piano lessons for kids near Meadowbank or Thornleigh, you can be sure your child will love learning to play piano with Gabrielle!

Skills your child (or you!) will develop in your Suzuki piano lessons:

  • Grow character as well as ability
  • Develop as a confident and enthusiastic pianist
  • Develop a deep appreciation and understanding of music
  • Piano lessons for beginners build confidence and enjoyment, using the same skills as language development
  • Grow a deep love of music and playing piano
  • Enjoy performing for others
  • Develop a fine piano technique
  • All piano students, including advanced piano students and beginners, are inspired and motivated
  • Understand and enjoy music theory
  • Read music with ease and fluency
  • Develop an excellent memory for music (which grows your memory capacity in all areas)

A Suzuki piano teacher who provides:

  • A supportive and nurturing environment
  • Successes are celebrated
  • Excellence is encouraged
  • Children learn from each other through group lessons and concerts
  • Every piano student is respected and treated as an individual
  • We know that every student learns at their own pace
  • Parents are an integral part of the learning team in children’s piano lessons
  • Music lessons delivered with love and a sense of fun and adventure

The gift of music is a valuable gift you can give your child through piano lessons while they are young

My 6 year old son takes private lesson with Mrs Gabrielle Donovan. She is experienced in teaching young kids. Michael progresses steadily and gain confidence from the encouragement Mrs Donovan. Lia, North Parramatta

Our daughter Hannah started learning the Twinkles with Gabrielle almost five years ago and is now graduating book five. The journey together has been mind blowing, from performances in the Sydney Opera House, to studio concerts, workshops, multi piano events, fun duets and more. Vicky and Ben, Berowra

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Piano Lessons For Adults

Gabrielle loves teaching piano lessons for adults! Whether you are an adult beginner or an advanced pianist returning to piano lessons, you will find an understanding, patient and fun-loving teacher to take on this new challenge with you!

Taking piano lessons as an adult is a wonderful way to keep the mind young, and develop a skill that you can enjoy for many years. Learning piano causes you to grow new neural pathways, develop new fine motor skills and gives you a pleasurable activity in which to lose yourself in music!

Whether you are an adult beginner or experienced pianist, Gabrielle will help you grow your skills and enjoyment of piano playing through piano lessons for adults that inspire and rejuvenate you.

As an adult student, switching from traditional piano lessons to the Suzuki method was a major game changer for me. I’ve returned to the piano after a long haitus and my wonderful Suzuki teacher Gabrielle took away all my previous self-doubt and stress that came from traditional lessons and exams. Evelyn, Beecroft

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