Piano Lessons For Preschoolers

Whether you are looking for piano lessons for toddlers or piano lessons for 3 or 4 year olds, you have come to the right place!

Piano Lessons for 3 or 4 Year Olds

As a Suzuki piano teacher trained in Suzuki Early Childhood Music and teaching Early Childhood Music classes for almost 10 years, Gabrielle is particularly well qualified to teach piano lessons to preschoolers. She carries the heart of the Suzuki philosophy through all her lessons and integrates a caring, nurturing environment which allows preschoolers to grow in many aspects of life along with their music skills.

Gabrielle’s Goals for Piano Lessons for Preschoolers

Gabrielle’s goals reflect those of the Suzuki music classes for toddlers – to create an environment free from pressure in which children can develop skills, a sense of purpose in life, an understanding of discipline and an appreciation of beauty.

Based on the Suzuki concept of Mother Tongue Approach, Gabrielle believes the following statements:
•Every child can learn
•Ability develops early
•Environment nurtures growth
•Children learn from one another
•Success breeds success
•Parent involvement is critical
•Encouragement is essential

During the preschool years, each moment is an opportunity for children to learn more about themselves and the world around them, to practice their social skills, and to gain critical thinking skills and knowledge. Early childhood experiences provide the foundation for all learning throughout their life and will often determine how well children succeed in school and throughout life.

Since we care about our children, we choose to ensure that they enjoy an early childhood that equips them to take full advantage of all life has to offer them – educational opportunities, becoming effective citizens, confident workers, and loving parents. The skills they learn in these early piano lessons lovingly help to establish patterns and habits for their future success.

One year ago, we enrolled our four year old son into Gabrielle’s lesson. Now he is up to book three of Suzuki piano. He made big progresses obviously, we really appreciate Gabrielle’s help. Rebecca, Hornsby Heights

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Skills and musical development

Gabrielle’s Suzuki piano lessons for preschoolers are designed to develop your child’s natural learning abilities and love of music in a calm environment. The lessons provide opportunities for social, emotional, physical and intellectual development while respecting each child’s uniqueness.

•Calm structured environment – assists learning
•Rhythms – maintain and anticipate a steady beat, play simple rhythms
•Pitch/vocal – songs and activities promote an understanding of musical concepts
•Kinesthetic activities develop fine and gross motor ability
•Concentration – waiting, anticipation and memory
•Parent/adult involvement – provides child security



Listening is vital – the importance of this can’t be overstated. Babies hear a multitude of sounds in their environment. From before they are born, they are learning to separate and focus on sounds that are important to them from those that are not essential. In their Suzuki piano lessons, repetition and gaining a consistent tone and quality of each sound they produce on the piano are vital to establishing the skills associated with careful listening. The child who is able to recognise their parents’ voices from birth – that is, recognising the subtleties of quality tone, rhythms, etc, in the music right from the beginning – has a head start.

A parent/adult always attends piano lessons with their child

A loving adult is needed to accompany each child to their weekly piano lessons. It is essential for the success of each lesson that children have a loving adult attending with them.

You and your child participate in the piano lessons together. Gabrielle works with parents to build a repertoire of musical, technical and aural skills and you are mentored in how to work at home with your child. Over time, you will become an expert observer of your own child. You will enjoy watching your preschooler develop rhythmic and melodic awareness, technical ease and control of the piano, and memory and social skills. 

Children learn by watching the actions of their teacher and parent, and gradually begin to imitate them – just as they do when they are learning to walk and talk!

Preparation For Successful Piano Lessons for 3 and 4 Year Olds

Firmly established listening habits, the ability to sit still and focus and developing gross and fine motor strength and control all contribute to the success in learning to play an instrument, and indeed, in many other areas of life as a child grows up. With Gabrielle, you can rest assured these skills are developed in a loving, nurturing environment, that not only grows a fine pianist, but also a confident, able person with a fine character.

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