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Gabrielle’s Music theory lessons provide insight, understanding and practical application at all levels. 

Learn Music Theory in Meadowbank and Thornleigh.

Quality Music Theory Lessons

Gabrielle teaches music theory lessons tailored to all levels – games for the young, through to advanced theory and musicology for senior students. Gabrielle’s Music theory lessons provide insight, understanding and practical application for all students.

Music Theory for Young Students – Music Mind Games

As a qualified Music Mind Games Teacher, Gabrielle has resources and knowledge to inspire and teach theory and musicianship to young students!

“When we touch the hearts of students and stimulate a joyous love of learning, we are fulfilling our life’s work.”
Michiko Yurko, creator of Music Mind Games

Music Mind Games is a method of more than 300 games to teach music theory and reading using four main elements:

– An innovative teaching sequence
– A nurturing philosophy
– Friendly, colourful materials
– A great variety of creative and fun games

Using the games as a basis for learning, students learn to read music and develop vital skills for understanding music theory, in a fun environment that supports their learning.

Participation in theory games fosters personal skills such as:

  • Follow directions
  • Develop a quick and dependable memory
  • Learn to be observant and pay attention to detail
  • Work well in a group in a non-competitive way
  • Not expect gifts or reward to right answers
  • Learn how to figure out answers again if necessary
  • Respect their teach and fellow students

Music understanding developed through the theory games includes:

  • Reading Rhythms
  • Musical Alphabet and Intervals
  • Dictation and Sight-Singing
  • Staff and Notes
  • Rhythm Maths
  • Music Symbols
  • Tempos
  • Scales and Key Signatures
  • Triads and Chords

The weekly private lessons are outstanding, including theory, note reading and scales.

Vicky and Ben, Berowra

Advanced Music Theory Lessons

“My daughter has gained much more than skills in piano playing, she has learnt about wonderful composers, history of musical styles, musicianship and quirky facts. Gabrielle is a dedicated and loving teacher who ensures her students get everything they can out of each lesson with her.” S’haila, Canberra

Advanced music students will love refining their theory, musicianship and aural skills with Gabrielle, as they explore music together and uncover the principles and element that work together to make music all that brings it to life.

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