Here is a list of recommended listening pieces of some of the best piano music for you and your child to listen to beyond the standard Suzuki piano repertoire.

Why do we listen to other piano music?

While the Suzuki Piano Repertoire is a fantastic collection of quality music, of course there is a huge amount of other amazing piano pieces to discover beyond our standard repertoire.

  • Listening to a wide variety of piano music is very beneficial in helping to boost the development of your child’s music language through exposure to a greater variety of piano music, composers and styles.
  • Listening to other music as recommended in this list also gives your child the opportunity to listen to different pianists, who each bring their own interpretation to the music.
  • Hearing other music can also stimulate the desire to learn some of these other pieces down the track!
  • Listening to high quality music recordings helps with brain development and memory.

The list is in chronological order, according to the composer’s life and period of music in which they composed, and represents some of the best piano music ever written!

Keyboard Music from the Baroque Period (1600 – 1750)

J.S.Bach – Partitas, French and English Suites, Preludes and Fugues, Toccatas, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

J.P.Rameau – Tambourin

G.F.Handel – Chaconne in G minor, Harmonious Blacksmith

Piano Music from the Classical Period (1750 – 1820)piano-lessons-west-ryde

J.Haydn – Concerto Op 21, Sonatas 34, 37

W.A.Mozart – Variations on “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, Fantasia K475, Sonatas K333, K457, Coronation Concerto K537

L.van Beethoven – Sonatas Op 2 No. 1, Op 10 Nos 1 & 3, Op 14 No 2, Op 27 No 2, Op 13

Piano Music from the Romantic Period and Beyond (1820 – early 1900’s)

F.P.Schubert – Op 90 Nos 2 & 3, Op 142 Nos 2 & 3, Op 57

Mendelssohn – Song without Words, Hunter’s Song, rondo Capriccio, Variations Op 54, Cappriccio Brilliante for 2 Pianos

R.A.Schumann – Abegg Variations, Noveleten Op 21 Nos 1, 2 & 7, Scenes From Childhood, Romance in F sharp Op 28 No 2

F.F.Chopin – Impromptu Nos 1 & 2, Fantasie Impromptu Op 66, Ballade No 1, Revolutionary Etude Op 10 No 12, Etudes Op 10 Nos 3, 5 & 8, Preludes Op 28, Nocturnes Op 9 & Op 15, Waltzes Op 64 Nos 1 & 2, Op 70 No 3, Op 18, Polonaise Op 26, No 1, Scherzi, Rondo Op 16, Bolero Op 19

J.Brahms – Waltzes Op 39, Rhapsody Op 79 No 2

P.I.Tchaikovsky – Four Seasons Op 37a

C.Debussy – 2 Arabesques, Children’s Corner Suite, Sutie Bergamasque, Pour de Piano

M.J.Ravel – Sonatine

The Mozart Effect –

Classical for Kids – look on YouTube for lives of different composers.

Listening to a wide variety of music will certainly help grow your child’s musical understanding and appreciation of music. I hope this list of some of the best piano music will help stimulate a lifetime of enjoyment in listening and success in playing the piano!

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