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Suzuki Piano Lessons – Inspiring and Nurturing Piano Lessons For Children

Suzuki Piano Lessons Sydney

Gabrielle is a Suzuki Piano teacher, teaching in Meadowbank and Thornleigh.

Piano Lessons for Preschoolers

Piano Lessons for 3 and 4 year olds is a specialised skill, which Gabrielle does well.

Music Theory Tutor Sydney

Specialising in Music Mind Games – fun and engaging music theory lessons!

Meet Gabrielle Donovan – Suzuki Music Teacher

Qualified and Professional … Experienced and Dedicated

Nurturing Musical Ability in Children

Over 40 years experience teaching Suzuki Piano Lessons.

Her piano studio operates in two locations – Meadowbank and Thornleigh.

Gabrielle teaches Suzuki piano lessons for preschoolers, children and adults.


One year ago, we enrolled our four year old son into Gabrielle’s lesson. Now he is up to book three of Suzuki piano. He made big progresses obviously, we really appreciate Gabrielle’s help.
Gabrielle is very professional and experienced in teaching children, my son was delighted with the piano from the first lesson, every time when he can play a new song,he was eagerly to show with Gabrielle, her patient and warm way of teaching makes children happy learning, we are happy having lessons with her!

Rebecca, Hornsby Heights

“I’m sure I’ve never properly expressed my gratitude to you Gabrielle – the piano lessons and piano playing were a constant in our lives. I’m sure the discipline in those early years enabled the girls to get on and achieve at school and university, and the love and appreciation of music is something they will have forever.  Personally I remember the weekly lesson as a little window of blissful peace and serenity in the middle of all that frenetic rushing around that comes with rearing young children!”

Margaret, Canberra

“My son has been taking lessons from Gabrielle for nearly two terms. She has a very nice and warm way of approaching young children, as well as her most accurate pianistic teaching.

As a former piano teacher myself, I’ve learnt a lot from Gabrielle’s teaching. We are very happy having lesson with her.”

Rachael, Thornleigh

“Gabrielle has taught my daughter piano for 5 years. Gabrielle has encouraged a love of and respect for music through her own engagement, enthusiasm and personal experience.

My daughter has gained much more than skills in piano playing, she has learnt about wonderful composers, history of musical styles, musicianship and quirky facts. Gabrielle is a dedicated and loving teacher who ensures her students get everything they can out of each lesson with her.”

S’haila, Canberra

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Why Choose Piano Lessons With Gabrielle Donovan?

Gabrielle Donovan is a passionate and experienced piano teacher with piano studios in Meadowbank and Thornleigh. She knows that learning piano is an exciting and important part of a person’s life, and can help grow their character as well as their music skills.

“Character first, ability second.” Dr Suzuki

Whether you’re looking for a private piano teacher for kids or adults, you have found a dedicated music teacher who can mentor you in the best way to learn the piano!


This Suzuki Piano School specialises in:

  • High quality piano teaching
  • Professional, inspirational and nurturing piano lessons for kids
  • Piano lessons for beginners through to advanced piano students
  • Piano lessons for 3 year olds right through to adults
  • Guiding the daily listening and piano practice which are essential to growing excellence in music
  • Nurturing the development of quality piano technique right from the first piano lessons
  • Teaching music theory lessons through games and written exercises, to provide a strong foundation for growth as a musician
  • Encouraging and supporting parents, who play an essential role in Suzuki piano lessons


Ensure you get the BEST PIANO LESSONS for children and adults!

Whether you’re looking for Suzuki piano lessons for beginners, intermediate or advanced piano lessons, music theory or musicianship and aural training, you are in the right place!

Gabrielle provides quality piano teaching, experience and engaging piano classes in a nurturing, caring environment, to motivate and inspire pianists of all ages.

Start your Suzuki Piano Lessons in Meadowbank or Thornleigh today!  

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